Introductory Flight


30 minutes

Call about our BIG discounts.

Special discounts for couples, groups, veterans, locals, and more.

Call: 406-249-7257

Discovery Flight


60 minutes

These are intro flights with a Certified Flight Instructor and include a flight time certificate which can be applied towards any future sport-pilot license.  It’s official!

Re-live your flight experience with an HD Video of your flight,  including our conversations, and moments of you flying the aircraft.  (Plus a free SD card of the footage)


Weight-shift control, Bi-Annual Flight Reviews and Proficiency checks.

In our aircraft.  ($200 in your safe trike, with dual controls)

$160.00 per hour

Pilot lessons.  Get your sport-pilot license.

In our aircraft, ($90 in your safe trike with dual controls)


Ground school, wing tuning assistance, trike set-up assistance, etc.

$50.00 per hour

Full day Aircraft, on-site events.  Multiple intro flights.

$750.00  Per day minimum.


Reservations required, call for times and availability