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“One of my greatest joys in life is sharing the miracle of flight with others. Discovering one’s ability to fly sharpens the mind and feeds the soul.“

Todd Ware is rated for Weight-Shift Control Land and Seaplane.

“I teach and fly within ones zone of enjoyment, staying attuned to the comfort level of anyone who flies with me. Safety, challenge, and fun are all important parts of the learning process. Seeing peoples’ post-flight euphoria is the most rewarding part of this job.”

Todd first adventure with flying was when he was 7 years old steering his father’s airplane. “Those early days of learning to fly with Dad set up a life long fascination with flight.”

That fascination ultimately led him to where he is today… flying his weight-shift control trike. He was first introduced to flying this kind of aircraft in 1998.

In addition to giving introductory and sport pilot lessons, Todd also flies his Light-Sport aircraft with “Young Eagles”, a national volunteer pilot program that introduces flying to kids ranging in age from 8 to 17 years old. Over 1 million young people have experienced flight through this EAA sponsored program. Ware says, “Kids love to fly in this aircraft! As we climb above the runway, their fears seem to vanish. This flight is an unforgettable memory, of possibilities, that continues to live with these kids”.

“See you in the big sky.”

Air Therapy Aviation

Todd Ware

FAA Certified Flight Instructor
Sport Pilot

Todd is currently rated 12th in the world for pylon racing

Todd at the World Air Games in Dubai.  He is currently rated #12th in the world for pylon racing.