This WILL clear your mind and lift your spirits!


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Flying sharpens the brain and feeds the soul.

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An unforgettable experience for all who have dreamed of pure flight.  Flying a trike    allows a freedom and excitement that is unmatched by any other activity.

Join your FAA-Certified Flight Instructor for an awe-inspiring discovery flight.

These aircraft offer you the opportunity to lift off from the ground, as if in a dream.

Soar safely in the open air, touching the wind in ways that were only imagined until now. Flying just a few feet off the ground or a thousand feet into the sky, flying offers a setting that naturally fuels inspiration and joy.

Natural flight controls combined with a sophisticated  flight computer, instruments and radio communications, merges simplicity and technology to make trike flying one of the most gratifying forms of aviation.

Your discovery flying lesson comes complete with a certificate to use toward your Sport Pilot License.


Call for your flight now . . . 406-249-7257


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  1. Mary Jo Naive says:

    Sitting quietly, waiting, – anticipation… then off into a warp speed takeoff! For just 2 seconds and then surrounded by the sky and the feeling of space and infinite beauty looking down at a serene world. It was fun, and vibrant, and beautiful in each moment. And when we landed I was filled with a wonderful quiet inside and the world seemed a more peaceful place.
    Thank you Todd!

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